About Blend Bunny Cosmetics

In my time as a makeup artist and content creator on Instagram (@blendbunny), I began to feel that something was missing from the makeup industry. I dreamed up what I believed to be the "perfect palette" made specifically for blending shades to perfection. This palette could be critical for new makeup artists looking to begin and hugely helpful for experienced makeup artists looking to have a palette that meets their blending needs. This palette needed to be pigmented, easily blended, and high quality. Thus, the 'BLENDS' palette was born and Blend Bunny Cosmetics came to be. 
I didn't want to start a brand just because, I wanted to start a brand that serves a functional purpose for artists like myself. 
Blend Bunny Cosmetics will always be for the artists: for beginners, pros, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and makeup artists from all the different, significant spaces in the makeup world.