INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Important Shipping Information

International Bunnies,
     Being we are located in the USA, we want to be available to all of our bunnies, near and far. Because of this, we have made our products available for international shipping.  There are several options we have made available as far as services and carriers.  DHL is by far the fastest and most efficient. It costs the most, most of the time. But we highly suggest, if you can, to choose DHL. It is usually the difference in waiting days vs waiting months with USPS First Class. 

   USPS First Class is the least expensive option. Because of this, the priority on it is not very high. Tracking is unavailable between the international sorting facilities and the destination country. It can sit at sorting facilities for weeks before moving again. We have seen and addressed dozens of concerns from customers who are left wondering what happened to their package.  When contacting USPS, they will tell you it's not "trackable" until it reaches its destination country, which is accurate.   

   We understand the desire and need to save money, which is why we leave this option available. We want to make our products as accessible as possible for all.  Just please keep in mind when choosing this option: It may take months. It may be unavailable for tracking for a large portion of that time. And this is "normal" from what we have seen. 

   Please know it is not in our interests, at all, to scam people out of money. We put a lot of love and hard work into our brand and product and have no desire to build a poor reputation. If you see some activity on your tracking number, it's because we have done our part and packed up your package and sent it out with the mail carrier you've chosen. What happens after that, as far as wait time, taxes and customs fees, and shipping concerns is on the shipping service, not us. 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMS/DUTIES/TAXES:  International shipping labels and costs do not cover customs fees or international taxes. This is determined by the shipping/mailing entity and is not collected by us. Any customs fees that arise upon delivery/pickup is the responsibility of the customer and between the customer and shipping entity.

   We will be here to assist, make things right, and be there for you because we value you and your support.  Please give us the benefit of the doubt and practice extreme patience with this mailing option.

So much love to you,
The Blend Bunny Cosmetics Team